Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A CDO radio station interviews one of my students

Two weeks ago, a student of mine, Florence Velasco (a senior at The Abba’s Orchard Erdkinder) was interviewed in a local radio station here in Cagayan de Oro City.

Florence was one of the participants of the Rotary Youth Week (an event that had students from various schools serve as public officials for a week), where she served as First Councilor. One of the Rotarians, my friend John De Cleene, runs The New J 103.3 FM, the city’s all Christian radio station.

When Mr. De Cleene took note of her great performance in the Rotary Youth Week, especially the final day, and also learned that she’s also a leader in her church’s youth ministry, a radio interview was bound to happen.

And so here it is, a video I made of the interview with (uh oh, proud-teacher-moment) an amazing young woman that I am very proud to call my student.

Monday, November 28, 2011

According to the good fellows at the Philippine Blog Awards, I must be doing something right.

"Victory comes from you, O Lord. May you bless your people."  (Psalm 3:8)

Blessing upon blessings, the guys at the Philippine Blog Awards have decided that Lessons Of A Dad is this year’s best Lifestyle blog for Mindanao!  Woot, woot!!

I was floored when I found out I was one of the finalists for the award, and I’m floored even more now that I was picked.  You know, all I wanted was to bless and challenge readers, especially the dads of the world, to become better parents.  (Ok, ok, and make a little cha-ching with the Adsense and Amazon Associates to boot).

But to be able to actually be a finalist—and win—in a Philippine Blog Awards category for Mindanao?  That was totally, totally unexpected.

Especially this early in the ball game. 

This is what happens when you play chess against Chuck Norris

My student showed me this pic earlier in school.  It made me roar with laughter.  Scroll down to see it…slowly.

Um, you win Mr. Chuck Norris!

(This blog site, Lessons Of A Dad is mostly about parenting, marriage, and other topics aimed to develop the reader’s mind, body, and soul.  However, I don’t mind putting out the funnies every once in a while.  I’d consider it an honor if you’d follow or subscribe to this site.  You can also go to my Facebook page here, and I’m also on Twitter at @lessonsofadad)

Get your sugar-rush on! Attend Monster Kitchen’s Dessert All You Can

I’m not a huge dessert guy; but when it comes to the sweet stuff, I know what I want and won’t stand for anything less than excellent.  For sure, the good people of Monster Kitchen can consistently deliver the goods, and on December 3, 2011 they’ll give you a rare change to get your sugar-rush on by hosting Dessert All You Can at the popular Thai Me Up Restaurant.

What’s in store for you?  Well, for only P250.00, you can be served an all-you-can-eat supply of all sorts of dessert goodness!  Sweet!!   Cakes, cupcakes, cookies, bars, you name it, you’ll eat it.  All these yummy treats will be lovingly prepared for you by Monster Kitchen’s Fundamentals of Baking and Pastry Arts students.

So save the date (December 3, 2011), save the place (Thai Me Up Restaurant), save the time (2:30-7:00pm) and get your sugar-rush on!  Attend Monster Kitchen’s Dessert All You Can!!  For more info, visit their Facebook page.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Lessons of a Dad’s picks: books for Christian fathers

In my last post, I featured books for Christian teen girls, made after I noticed that Lynn, 11 going on 12, is just about the same height as her mother.  This time around, I’d like to focus on books that will assist my target audience, the fathers, Christian dads in particular. 

Gentlemen, we need all the help we can get, so here’s a list of books for Christian fathers.

I’m dividing this post into three parts, books for:

Parenting in general (one of the books being teen-specific)
Parenting sons
Parenting daughters.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Great books for Christian teen girls

We celebrated my wife’s birthday last week.  As she was walking arm in arm with our eldest daughter, Lynn, a family friend remarked, “Wow Jhean!  She’s just as tall as you are!”

I was behind the ladies when that comment was said, and indeed, Lynn is very close to her mom’s height, and I predict that she will exceed her next year.  Lynn turns 12 in just 2 weeks’ time, and it dawned on me yet again that, before I know it, my sweet little Christian girl will be a bona-fide Christian teen.

I thought to myself that, since Lynn is a bookworm, I need to figure out what great books to get for Christian teen girls…as I’m sure the kiddie books won’t appeal to her anymore. 

Of course, I’m not talking about infatuation-riddled novels about sparkly vampires.  No sir, these would be books that would grow her and inspire her to be the beautiful young woman that she is called to be. 

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Spoiler alert: How BREAKING DAWN ends…

For all of you who can’t wait to see Breaking Dawn in the movies, here’s a spoiler alert: how the film ends.  Enjoy!

Haha!  Go Blade!!  Sorry, guys…I’m just a bit sick of all the sparkly vampire ruckus that’s been floating around lately.  Just had to give a light moment of vindictive humor for the guys.  Big thanks to my cousin, Ray, who posted this gem on Facebook.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

A pleasant surprise: Lessons Of A Dad is among the nominees for the upcoming Philippine Blog Awards for Mindanao 2011.

Well, well, not bad for a noob who could barely navigate through the ins and outs of the blogsphere.  Yesterday, I received a very pleasant surprise:  Lessons Of A Dad is among the nominees for the upcoming Philippine Blog Awards for Mindanao 2011. 

Specifically, I am one of the four nominees for the Lifestyle category.  

Friday, November 18, 2011

Improve communication in marriage with Gary Chapman’s classic book, The Five Love Languages

Husbands and boyfriends of the world, don’t you wish you had the MANSLATER to sort out communication troubles with your leading lady?  (See video below…very funny)

Kidding aside, husbands and wives surely do experience communication problems…and it could drive us crazy!!  Of course, we love our spouses, but the big question is: do we EFFECTIVELY COMMUNICATE that love? 

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Congrats Abba’s Orchard for hosting its first Abba’s Orchard Cup!

A pitch with a view!
For two very busy and heart wrenching Saturdays, October 22 and 29, 2011, The Abba's Orchard School hosted its first ever Abba's Orchard Cup.

I say busy, because this is the first time we hosted such an event, and there were manic preparations in store to get things just right.

Heart wrenching because we fielded many of our own teams into the event, and many of them fought hard to get their victories.  Others, even in defeat, treated us to the best and down-to-the-wire tightest matches that we've ever seen.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A tribute: RIP Heavy D. Thanks for making my teen years so fun.

Lessons Of A Dad is supposed to be a blog site about parenting and family, but I can't let the passing of one of my favorite musical artists slide without me making a tribute.

The hip hop world is in mourning, as legendary rapper Heavy D, one of the giants of the genre (no pun intended) died yesterday, Nov. 8, 2011 at age 44.  There’s no official cause of death, although Vibe says he died of “respiratory issues” whatever that means.  More details of the cause of his demise are sure to come in the next few days.

RIP Heavy D.  Thanks for making my teen years so fun with your smooth rhymes…and such cool dance moves for a big man.  Readers, allow me to honor Heavy and his music by posting some of my favorite videos of his.

Monday, November 7, 2011

A humorous parenting post

This is soooo parenting win!

Here’s some more parenting articles for you, click here.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Quotes for a happy marriage and family

The beautiful Mountain Pines Place
Later on today, I will make the trip to beautiful Mountain Pines Place in Dahilayan, Bukidnon for the Couples’ Retreat that I have advertised on this blog, The Story Of Us, as I will emcee the event.  Please pray for me, guys.  I’ve done quite a bit of emceeing in the past, but it makes me nervous every time.

Well, in honor of this event, below are some beautiful quotes for a happy marriage and family.  Enjoy!

Presenting: death metal vocal exercises…and you thought it wasn’t real singing.

I’m not a big fan of death metal.  I’ve always thought that it was just a bunch of long-haired, overgrown boys screaming “rararararAAAAAAAAAARGH!!” accompanied by banging drums and guitar riffs.  It’s not real singing, and quite non-musical if you as me

However, I guess I have to take that back…because in the video below, you’ll see some actual death metal vocal exercises!  And you thought it wasn’t real singing. Check out the vid.

This is not the first time I was proven wrong.

(This blog site, Lessons Of A Dad is mostly about parenting, marriage, and other topics aimed to develop the reader’s mind, body, and soul.  However, I don’t mind putting out the funnies every once in a while.  I’d consider it an honor if you’d follow or subscribe to this site.  You can also go to my Facebook page here, and I’m also on Twitter at @lessonsofadad)

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

An ode to my lolo (grandpa) for All Souls Day

It’s November 1, a day where everyone here in the Philippines honors the dearly departed by laying flowers on their graves and hanging around in the cemetery all day.  I thought, growing up in the states, that this was a weird Filipino tradition, until my dad suddenly died and then I started to understand how nice it was to do so (and Oro Gardens having a cute playground for the kids doesn’t hurt, either).

Now Jhean’s maternal grandmother died recently, and she’s now driving all the way to Talisayan with her dad so that they can lay flowers on the stones of her paternal grandparents. 

Jhean is newly grandparent-less, her maternal grandmother being the last of the four.  I’ve been grandparent-less for a while now.  You’ve already seen my blog entry about my dad, now allow me to use this blog, as it’s All Souls Day, to give an ode to my grandfather, who was the last of my grandparents until he passed away three years ago.  Enjoy:

This is one blog that’s pretty difficult to write.  My lolo (Filipino for “grandpa”) Trinidad, the father of my mom, passed away last night, just a few days shy of his 91st birthday.  He was a lion of a man.  He had many skills and was able to not only provide for his kids’ needs, but was able to mold them into successful people.  Every one in my mom’s generation and mine are doing well for themselves, and all the married ones have remained married (I know that just sounded weird, but it seems every family has at least one member who has gone south in these areas, but by God’s grace…and likely lolo’s training, the family has been spared).  Now that’s being a great grandpa. 
Being away for so long, I wasn’t able to spend a lot of time with him, but since he and my lola often visited us in the states, some memories were made.  Easily the most memorable experience was when I had my 2nd lung operation and my parents had to work.  Who nursed a hurting teen back to health?  Lolo.  It was awesome how he fed me and spent time with me.  We’d watch hours of tennis and debate who was better, Andre or Pete (although both of us were Agassi fans).  His great service sure made the post op pain bearable.  I didn’t need my medications that much.
Another great memory was when he bought me a car, then took it for a drive with me at the passenger side.  Being the good American driver, I always followed the lines and stop signs and all that.  But where lolo came from, lines are just for decoration (in fact, he didn’t know they were lines until I screamed it out to him).  So you can imagine an old man driving Filipino style in an American suburb, with me screaming my head off at first then assuming the fetal position later.  Well, let’s just say that lolo would be proud of the way I drive now (I can’t wait to drive my Fil Am friends around…now they’ll be in the fetal position).

Here are some other great memories of my lolo:
  • Me as a little kid (probably Mesoo’s age now) slamming the car door on his hand.  Ouch.
  • Me as a newly minted teen being totally embarrassed that an old man beat me 6-0, only for me to thrash him with the same score in the rematch (was he taking it easy on me?). 
  • The family going up Mt. Baldy, with my dad driving and my lolo in the passenger side.  Me being the impatient kid, I asked the usual “are we there yet?” questions.  My lola then said, “Yes we are.  (pointing to the window) Here’s the Mt. (then pointing to the back of lolo’s head) there’s the baldy”.  That made my day.
  • When I was a little kid, I once asked “Lolo, are you loaded?” (“loaded” being an American figure of speech for having lots of pocket money).  My mom relayed the story one day, and so when lolo came to visit, it was the grandkids (Lynn in particular) who asked “Super lolo, are you loaded?”, much to his amusement.
  • The loaded super lolo treating all the great grandkids to Hong Kong.  The little ones had a fantastic time, but it was the first time for me to see lolo so weak as he trailed behind the rest of us in Ocean Park. 

There were so many others, but that’s all I can think of right now.  Is the family sad?  Am I sad?  Maybe we should be sad because we lost the family patriarch and a dear friend.  But he’s free.  Free from his feeble, nearly 91 year old fleshly body that tired every time he climbed the stairs and limited his walking to a slow crawl.  Free from the irritating tube that fed him for so long.  And best of all, he’s walking down streets of gold, basking in the glorious presence of our Creator.  If anything, that should make us happy.  He’s in the greatest place in all creation, and here I’m stuck in the Philippines.
So goodbye my lolo, my friend.  You weren’t perfect, but I’ve never seen another grandparent measure up to you.  I hope that I’ll be to my children what you were to my mom and her siblings; and I hope I’ll be to my children’s children what you were to me…and those are huge shoes to fill.

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