Saturday, February 18, 2012

Ask Lessons Of A Dad a question

Again, I must apologize for not being online much lately.  This is the last stretch of the school year in the Philippines, and being one of the more senior teachers in one of the best high schools around will pretty much guarantee that Feb and March will be a no blog zone. 

As frustrating as that is, I would like to instead offer you a chance.  A chance to ask yours truly, Lessons Of A Dad, about anything related to parenting, Christian living, marriage, etc. 

All you need to do is to post your question as a comment (or email me at if it’s real personal) I will do my best to answer it in future blog posts.  I promise I will do so.  If ever the question is over my head (I don’t claim omniscience, you know) then I can ask one of my several mentors to pinch-hit for me and answer it in my place. 

So, I hope you understand that my anemic online presence in recent weeks is not a sign that I’m losing interest in Lessons Of A Dad.  Time has just been, and will be for the next month or so, my enemy. 

Other than your questions, I would also appreciate your prayers: prayers for strength, wisdom, and endurance.  I totally love my job, and I want to give these kids the best that I can…no matter how toxic the work sched is (and is going to be).  I also totally love my family, and how hypocritical of me to make a parenting blog if I’m not a good dad in practice.  Then, I’m answering a call by God to play a huge part in a very important ministry in church. 

Toxic sched?  Yep.  Prayers requested?  Yep.  Hiatus from blogging?  Unfortunately, yep.  See you soon (like, summer vacation soon) and I’m looking forward to your questions.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

RIP Whitney Houston one of the best voices in music

I don’t have a lot of time to go online lately (my apologies), but I can’t let this pass.

This is my tribute to one of the best voices in music, vocal legend Whitney Houston, now dead at 48 years old.

Here’s my favorite song of hers, One Moment In Time.  May we remember her magnificent voice more than her downward spiral.

To me, she will also be remembered for the best Star Spangled Banner renditions ever sung.

Wow…she will be missed. RIP Whitney Houston, one of the best voices ever.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Check out the Open House of one of the best schools around, The Abba’s Orchard

Elem kids doing cubing…using actual cubes!
Other than the re-launching of PARENTING THAT MAKES A DIFFERENCE, this Saturday will also have a huge event.  It is the Open House of The Abba’s Orchard, one of the best schools around (my very biased opinion, since I work there). 

Well, here’s an invitation from yours truly to attend the Open House.  If you’re school hunting, try Abba’s Orchard, the truest Montessori school in Cagayan de Oro (sure, others can put “Montessori” on their title, but it’s all in the training and use of material).  If you ask me, no other school does a better job in molding not only academically excellent kids, but also ones that are vibrant, have social skills, and, well, possess all around excellence. 

Oh, not only is it the truest Montessori school in Cagayan de Oro, it is the only school in Asia-Pacific who offers the whole Montessori curriculum.

The Open House will feature the children presenting various Montessori materials to the parents.  I’ve already made blog articles about last year’s Open House, so I won’t re-invent the wheel.  I’ll just provide links and pics below.
Hate geography?  Not with puzzle maps!
What you’re gonna see:

The Casa program:  Which is the per-elementary program of the Abba’s Orchard.  Montessori is fantastic in pre-elementary.  In fact, just about all my students who have started with Abba’s since the Casa years are awesome…a credit to the awesome Casa program of the school.

The Elementary program:  My two girls are in that program.  What’s amazing is the great love for work these kids possess.  The Montessori method doesn’t make school a chore.  It makes school a joy.

The Erdkinder (high school) program:  This is where I come in.  It’s one of only a handful of Montessori Farm schools on this planet.  As you can see, the teens do more than just hit the books.  They hit the farm.  You’ll appreciate why they do that when you click on the link. 
Real academics!  Science? Check. Math? Check. Business skills?  Check.
So, consider this an invitation to attend the Open House of one of the best schools around, The Abba’s Orchard.  It’s located in Pualas, Baungon, Bukidnon…but it’s only about 10 minutes away from Xavier Estates.  From there, it’s right after the Taguanao bridge, the 2nd right after said bridge (first right goes to the Alvarez place). 

See you there.

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