Saturday, April 28, 2012

Watch out Avengers, the JUSTICE LEAGUE movie is coming out soon!!

To all the comic book fanboys, you’ve probably soiled yourselves after reading my title, so I’ll give you some time to change your shorts.

You’re back now?  Ok…I was only fibbing, HAHAHA!  Well, actually, not me, but the awesome creator of the Hi I’m a Marvel/DC comic book movie parodies, once of which I featured in my previous

Well, I subscribe to his youtube page, and I LOVED his newest output, a Justice League parody of the Avengers trailer.  I’m sure you will, too.  Yeah, yeah, I said I’d be gone for a while…but I just cannot not share this.

So, watch out Avengers, the JUSTICE LEAGUE movie is coming out soon…in an alternate universe.

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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Gonna be gone for a while…but I’ll be back

Once again, work deadlines are killer…and I will also be in Abba’s Orchard’s Teacher’s Summit next week, and so I’ll be internet-less for at least two weeks.  I’m gonna have to go on another mini-hiatus until things slow down a bit. 

Pray for me everyone, this is a critical week on so many levels.  Lots must be done…but I’ll be back, I promise.

Monday, April 23, 2012

The Avengers is showing this week…here’s a funny parody to celebrate

The Avengers is finally, finally showing this week here in SM-Cagayan de Oro.  To say that I’m excited is the understatement of the year. 

To honor this momentous occasion, I would like to show a funny parody of the DC and Marvel comic book movies, Hi, I’m a Marvel…and I’m a DC: The Musical, which pokes fun at our recent fascination for comic book heroes on the silver screen, the upcoming Avengers movie not exempted from the barbs.

The Hi, I’m a Marvel…and I’m a DC videos are a huge hit on Youtube, with over a hundred videos available for your enjoyment.  With The Avengers just a few days away, I’d suggest you go over to the Youtube page of the maker of these awesome and hilarious videos and take a look-see.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed the funny comic book parody video.  See you in the 3-D theaters soon.  The Avengers, here I come!!

(This blog site, Lessons Of A Dad is mostly about parenting, marriage, and other topics aimed to develop the reader’s mind, body, and soul.  However, I don’t mind putting out the funnies every once in a while.  I’d consider it an honor if you’d follow or subscribe to this site.  You can also go to my Facebook page here, and I’m also on Twitter at @lessonsofadad)

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Britt Nicole’s new album is Gold…pun intended

With my kids growing older and becoming very social, I don’t think I’ll be able to totally prevent them from listening to the songs their friends listen to.  Although this is not true for every singer, band, or rapper, artists that my daughters’ classmates rave about often say words in their songs that no parent would like their kids to say, and glorify or even preach a worldview hardly any parent would like their kids to adapt for their own.

So, while I can’t totally prevent their exposure to the music of the youth culture (and I fear that they will resent me if I too strictly put on the restrictions here), what I can do, and do to the best of my time and ability, is to inspire them to like the kind of music that is not only cool, but it inculcates in them a God-honoring attitude.  Now, I’d like to share that to you

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Jon Acuff is awesome…and even more so when he’s with Wally

Easily one of my favorite Christian bloggers is Jon Acuff, owner of the website Stuff Christians Like, author of the book with the same name…both of which hilariously talk about (and mildly satirize) Christian culture.

Jon’s work is a great mix of hilarity and deep theological thought (about a 60%-40% mix, or even more towards humor in many cases). 

I will get to some of his articles later on in this post, as well as making a list of his books.

What I’d like to show you right now is a video sample of how cool this guy is.  Yes, Jon Acuff is awesome…and even more so when he’s with Wally, my favorite Christian radio personality and another dude who has a similar mix of funny/depth as Jon.  As you can see, they feed off each other here, and what you get is a great, banter-filled video post.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Reality Discipline — an easy way to improve your parent life

I came across a wonderful article  called “The Wonders of Reality Discipline” from the website of one of my favorite parenting sources, Focus on the Family.

Coined by noted child psychologist Dr. Kevin Leman, author of Have a New Kid by Friday, Reality Discipline could make your parent life much easier if your current parenting style often involves ranting, raving, shouting, begging, etc. 

Basically, it’s like this (using Dr. Leman’s words), “there are times when you have to pull the rug out and let the little buzzards tumble.  I mean disciplining your children in such a way that he/she accepts responsibility and learns accountability for his actions.”

My boss, a parenting authority in my circles, often uses this example:  “If your child goes to school and forgets his lunch box, don’t bail him out by bringing it to him later in the day.  Let him starve.  The next day, your son will be a different boy and will never forget his lunch box again.” 
Hey Timmy!  You forgot your…d’oh

If you think that it’s a mean way to discipline your child, it’s not…far from it.

If your motive is to love your child by teaching him to grow into a responsible young man, then this is a very loving thing to do.  What is unloving is to give harsh, demeaning punishment out of anger and spite.  What is also unloving is that you have everything done for your little kid, having nannies/yayas left and right.  What kind of an adult will that boy grow up into?  That would ruin him, a very unloving thing to do, indeed.

So you should check out the article on Reality Discipline.    You should also check out Dr. Leman’s book, Have a New Kid by Friday (there’s also a “Have a new teen…” version and, LOL, a “Have a new husband...” version).  But before you click on the link below here’s another quote I love from Dr. Leman:

“The goal of parenting is not to create happy kids; rather, it’s to create responsible kids.”

So do your parent life a favor, discipline your child using reality discipline.  Go to the Focus on the Family article, here.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

You’re someone worth dying for

This Easter, celebrate it knowing that in God’s eyes, you (yes, you) are someone worth dying for. 

Have a blessed Easter, everyone! From: Lessons Of A Dad

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Teen incredibly blessed from reading a book

Sometimes God blesses me, and this blog, in mysterious ways. 

I’m a Literature teacher, and at the end of each book, students write a reflection paper/essay about how the book has impacted them. 

Many of you have read my previous post about the assignments my teen students made about romantic relationships.  When they turned in their end-of-the-book reflection papers, they were also so good that I wanted to share them on the blog as well.  However, I was so swamped with work and schedules were so tight that I didn’t get a chance to copy them here.

However, there was this one student who has a habit for turning in his assignments late…as in REALLY late.  Among the submitted backlogs was a reflection paper of Boy Meets Girl which I feature below, as it was submitted when the frantic schedule was dying down and I was able to have some time to post this here. 

It serves as not only a great testimony of what reading some of the “grow books” of The Abba’s Orchard Erdkinder high school program has done for him, but what makes this so beautiful is it serves as a testimony of what kind of a young man he has become, compared to the type of person he was when he first stepped into our halls.

So, here’s his reflection paper on Boy Meets Girl, entitled…

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