Saturday, June 30, 2012

Happy Blogiversary to me!

Two weeks ago, Lessons of a Dad turned one year old!  Happy blogiversary to meeeeee!  It’s been a fun, and occasionally frustrating, ride to be sure.

I remember, back last June 2011, I was totally unsure if I should actually pursue this blogging pet project of mine.  12 months and over 40,000 page visits later, I’m glad I did.
In the course of 12 months, I’ve not only written articles (some passionately, others out of “oh my gosh I need to update with something!”); I’ve also survived the not-so-exciting parts of being a blogger, like putting my name (and my mug) on all sorts of blog directories, burned the candle on both ends researching how to let everyone know about this blog, signed up for social media galore (facebook fan page, twitter, klout, stumbleupon, alexa) and the list goes on. 

I’ve met some wonderful people along the way, from the local blogging community, to kindred spirits who are passionate about the same things,and  to those from across the globe who take the time to comment.

Rather unexpectedly, Lessons Of A Dad has also won an award in its first year, the Philippine Blog Awards 2011 Best Lifestyle Blog for Mindanao (I was also a finalist in the Parenting Category in the National Level).  I was, and still am, blown away that people thought this blog is actually good.  Thank you.  Oh, and will lightning strike twice?  Wasn’t expecting it the first time, so why not?

However, the highest of highs was when this blog made a difference somehow.  For example, a family friend based in America showed my Sendong article to his social club and was able to get hundreds of dollars of donations as a result.  Another instance saw a young, newly married couple coming to my church’s The Story Of Us couples’ retreat because of my blog entry about it.  That couple was tremendously blessed.

Well, so far so good; and I am looking forward to an even more fruitful 2nd year as a blogger.  Granted, this year I actually have a lot less time to blog, so I hope I make good in my promise to deliver a better Lessons Of A Dad for you.  I’m also seriously considering starting another blog, and I’ll update you how that goes.

God bless you all.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Remembering Michael Jackson…long live the King

It’s been three years to this day since the shocking death of the King of Pop, Michael Jackson. 

Where were you when he died? 

Me?   I was just walking up the stairs of the school that I work in.  As soon as I entered the classroom, students were doing the moonwalk and all of MJ’s mannerisms.  I was like, “What’s going on?”

Then they told me the news…and my jaw hit the floor.

Well, in honor of the greatest entertainer of all time, I’m going to list down my favorite 10 favorite songs of his.  Long live the King.

10.  I just can't stop loving you

Friday, June 22, 2012

Except from a Tebow article I’d like to share

This was a photo going around on Facebook, and I liked it so much I want to share here.  Of course, it’s no longer current news, but I’d like to share it as an example for those of us who believe in Jesus to follow.

 As for me, earlier in the history of this blog, I told myself I won’t be so open about my faith in Christ so that I can get a wider audience of parents.  I don’t think that became the case, and it surely will be even less so as my blog enters its 2nd year of existence.  I’ve decided to be a lot more open about my faith here in Lessons of a Dad, for the same reasons that Tebow is so open with his.

My relationship with Christ is also the most important thing in my life, even above my wife and kids.  Shame on me if I don’t declare that here…or anywhere.

So, if you have a similar faith but are scared to share it, I feel ya.  I was, and in a large part still am, scared to get that “Jesus freak” label from others.  Maybe you felt like this guy:

Here’s two books that could help you in your plight (one of them co-authored by Fireproof star Kirk Cameron):

God bless you all! 

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Inspiring dad stories for Father’s Day

Ok, my message in yesterday’s pre-Father’s Day article (click here to see it) was a bit strong, but surely it had  to be said.  There’s a huge epidemic of fatherlessness and deadbeat dads nowadays, and it is my hope that somehow, the tide can be turned.

My favorite scene from the movie Courageous is the last scene, where the main character gives a testimony of his journey of fatherhood and challenges the other men in the building to not just settle for being a “good enough” dad, but only settle for the best father they could be.  May we all father like this guy did (btw, there’s a spoiler in there):

If you haven’t seen the movie or bought the DVD yet, I strongly suggest you do so.  EVERY dad should see Courageous.  It’s one of the most convicting movies I’ve seen since, well, Fireproof.

Now then, since my pre Father’s Day blog was a bit on the strong side, for Father’s Day itself I’ll post something inspirational.  Below is a radio broadcast of Focus On The Family, where the hosts recall their favorite listener-submitted stories of their appreciation for dads.  Enjoy…and be inspired to be the best dads you can be!
You may want to check out the books below, as they were listed as the resources for that broadcast.


You can also check out other books I recommend for dads. Happy Father’s Day, everyone!

Friday, June 15, 2012

Few things are as devestating as faulty fathering

Every boy needs a dad
Father’s Day is coming up soon, and I’d like to quote a small part of a fantastic, albeit a bit strong, blog entry from Act Like A Man:

“Fathers especially have dropped the ball; America leads the industrialized world in fatherlessness. Forty percent of all children in America are born to single mothers; that rate is 50% for mothers under 30, and 70% for African-Americans. While moms are great at giving unconditional love regardless of their child’s performance, dads motivate sons to try harder, not to give up, to work for success. But even for those with dads, the average school-age boy in America spends half an hour a week in one-to-one conversation with his father. Compare that with an average of 44 hours a week spent in front of a television or computer screen.

“Without better male role models in real life, guys become confused about what constitutes acceptable male behavior. They don’t recognize the images presented in video games, movies, television, and porn as caricatures.”

You can read the rest of the blog entry here.  You can also check out the excellent book Fatherless Generation: Redeeming the Story by John Bowers to find out how we can heal from this epidemic.

I agree with another Filipino Christian Blogger who quoted the above blog entry, The Living Rice, that this is also a wake-up call for Filipino fathers.  

Monday, June 11, 2012

Happy Independence day, Philippines!! Here’s the PINOY PRIDE assignment I gave my students

Earlier, I junked my lesson plan of the day to give my students this seatwork assignment as it was the day before the Independence Day holiday.

I got a lot of interesting results from them, and I’d like to paraphrase some of their answers here as well as put some I thought up myself, in my own list of 10.

1.     Natural scenery and resources.  Our beaches here are so beautiful and renowned worldwide as some of the world’s best.  Our mountains are also a wonder to behold.  Many of these become very popular tourist attractions.  I wish more people would travel here to experience the Philippine’s natural beauty.

2.    Strong family orientation.  I absolutely love how family oriented Filipinos are.  Foreigners who visit here often say how they wish their own children would treat them with the same respect and reverence as Filipino children do their parents.  The strong social ties also make sure that families cope well, and even thrive, amidst strife.

My wish list for Father’s Day gifts

I’m not usually a materialistic guy.  I can be content on very little.  However, Father’s Day is coming up, and so humor me for a second while I throw my non-avaricious hat out the window and come up with some of my favorite “I wants” for this special day when gifts for fathers are expected.

It’s also a huge temptation that has some drool worthy Father’s Day goodies on discount.  I feel like a kid in a candy store.  I wouldn’t consider these gifts if it were not for the discounts Amazon gives us dads (or to the people buying gifts for dads) this very special day.

So, do you want to know my wish list for Father’s Day gifts?  Here are some things that get me excited:

Movies and Music

I sooo can't wait
1.     The Avengers.  Okay, okay, The Avengers is not out for home viewing just yet, but the movie absolutely blew me away when I saw it, and so even if someone hooked me to be on the wait-list, I'd be happy.

2.    Lecrae albums like Rehab and Rebel. My favorite Christian rapper of all time.  I'd like to collect his work.  Too bad Cagayan de Oro, Philippines is a bit wanting on the Christian Hip Hop scene, so I’ll have to depend on outside (the country) sources.

3.    Rhema Soul's new album Red This awesome group is what got me into Christian hiphop in the first place.  I’ve heard parts of their newest work and I must say, I’m once again impressed. 

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

People with great marriages are both healthier and wealthier…and that’s not all.

I came across this awesome infographic from one of the blogs I subscribe to.   It very excellently explains how relationships and marriage affect health, happiness, and finance. 

I’ve always figured that when couples think there’s no more love in the marriage and therefore divorce, it’s more than just the relationships and the children who suffer, but health and money suffers too.

On the flip side, when there’s love in the home, the people living there live strong, healthy, thriving lives.  Indeed, healthy marriages bring about healthier (and wealthier) people…and that's not all!

Here’s the infographic, below:

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