Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Belated Happy Father’s Day, from yours truly

I'm sorry I haven't been writing lately, as, frustratingly, the internet's been down at home for ages now (and the company is taking their sweet time to fix it, too).  I'm making this quickie blog post at a nearby internet cafe.

Anyway, belated Happy Fathers Day, everyone!

Yours truly, and three beautiful kids

Any idiot can create offspring, but it takes a REAL man to father.  Furthermore, it takes a GREAT man to father in a way that develops excellent, God-loving, and responsible children.  I often fail in this area, but by God's grace, I will father in this way.

Friday, June 7, 2013

This is what happens when you invest in children…so join the movement!

Last month, 130 children had a fantastic time of games, fun, crafts, dance, and song—all while learning about God’s goodness and how to live a victorious Christian life.  CCF-Cagayan de Oro, the church I go to, and its NxtGen children’s ministry, held yet another successful DVBS, this time it was called Studio GO!  

One hundred and thirty kids!!
The DVBS is usually NxtGen’s biggest event of the year, and while I wasn’t in the thick of the event this time around, I did see a little bit of what went on and let’s just say that I was very pleased.  In fact, it is a testament to what happens when you invest in children, which is the theme of this blog entry.

Praise God for that awesome week.  This blog entry serves as a big THANK YOU and congrats on a job well done.  It also serves as a word of encouragement to those readers who, in their own ways and in their own organizations, volunteer to serve children and youth.  Your efforts go a long, long way.  Now here we go.

It’s super rewarding to invest in children; and it’s such a big, big, MUST for churches to do so.  Of course, I’ve always known this, but it was so evident to me during Studio GO!

The vast majority of the volunteers were teenagers, and I mean young teenagers on the lower end of the teen scale.  What’s so awesome to me is that many of these young’uns were DVBS participants when they were little.  Now, I get a bit teary eyed that they consider it an absolute joy to give back by volunteering, blessing the next generation of kids the same way they were blessed many years ago.  

As an example, here’s a picture of my daughter, Lynn, and a longtime friend of hers, Anya, during a DVBS many, many years ago…followed by a pic of the DVBS of this year.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Father’s Day is around the corner. Here’s some ridiculously great discount gifts for us, dads

I do find it cool that the world has decided to give us one day a year to celebrate our fatherhood.  As I often do on this site, I’d like to enjoin all dads out there to use this day to reflect on how we are doing as fathers.  We cannot fall asleep at the wheel here, men, as faulty fathering is devastating.

However, I’m not above posting the occasional “wish list” for us dads.  One of the great mentors of my life once said, “We’re entitled to our own vanity.”  Of course, he didn’t mean that it’s ok that we take duck-lipped self-portraits.  He meant that we are entitled to treat ourselves every now and then…and Father’s Day is one heck of an excuse to be treated like a king.

So, Father’s Day is around the corner.  Here’s some ridiculously great discount gifts for us, dads; thanks to Amazon.com’s Father’s Day promotions.

I’m a bit embarrassed to post wish lists up, but what the heck.  Also, I think I am a man of good taste, and so I hope this post gives a good reference point for those of you who read this looking for a gift for the special dad in your life.

Okay, without further ado – LESSONS OF A DAD’s Wish List for 2013  

(IMPORTANT NOTE:  Click on the picture if you want more information on the product, as text links are not working for some reason)

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