Thursday, September 19, 2013

HIS GIRL was beautiful. Now it’s time for REAL MEN

Several blog posts ago, I talked about a youth event called Becoming His Girl, hosted by Elevate CDO (click here for said post).  Elevate (formerly called JZone), the youth ministry of CCF, is dedicated to taking students to the next level, and to that end they host events and they’re huge in the mentoring department.  Becoming His Girl was one such event, designed to let teen girls (who often struggle with self-image) know that they indeed have so much worth, because they’re His girl.

Well, Becoming His Girl was beautiful (no pun intended), and now it’s time for REAL MEN, the male version of this event.  I’m gonna post some pics of Becoming His Girl first, then we’ll discuss how the boys can get get so much wisdom (and have so much fun) in their own event via Real Men.  Shall we proceed?

Becoming His Girl pics
Welcome, young ladies!

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Are you giving your family good milk? Find out!

Right below is an infographic from on the GOOD-BETTER-BEST principle when it comes to buying food.  It is an excellent resource on how we should pick the foods that we give our families.  Since this blog entry would focus on dairy, I made a red box around the Dairy portion.

Are you giving your family good milk?  Find out, as the best milk to drink for optimum health is…

Click for larger picture

Here's a little close up of "bad" and "best" of the dairy category, as, again, this is the article's focus.

So I bet you have some questions, such as:
  • What's CAFO milk?  Is that what my kids are drinking?
  • Pasteurized milk is the only way to safely drink milk, right?  You should kill all the bacteria.
  • Low Fat/Skim milk considered “bad” when it’s supposed to be good for you?
  • Raw milk?  Really?  Why does milk have to be raw to be considered “better” or “best”?
  • Is it possible to get the “BEST CATEGORY” of milk in Cagayan de Oro City?  

I’d be happy to answer these questions for you.  Here we go…

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