Saturday, August 27, 2011

AOS Elem open house 2011…I finally found the pics and vids

Finally, I found my videos and photos of The Abba’s Orchard School’s Elementary Open House last school year.  In blogs past, I covered my son and his classmates’ Casa (preschool) presentations; then, because I couldn’t find the elem stuff, I skipped to the photo/video journal of the Erdkinder (high school), where I teach.

Well, I finally found the Elem stuff.  Better (really) late than never, right?  I’ll keep it short, though…because that ship has sailed and I’m not in the mood to type up an elaborate blog entry on their methods.  The 2012 open house will have the detailed entries again.

Anyway, again let me stress some things:

1.  Materials greatly, GREATLY enhance learning.  You can see that in the Casa video especially, but it’s also evident in my daughter’s presentation and the other video presentation here.  

2.  The kids, all of them, were trained to present to adults, and are very comfortable doing so.  I wish you were there to see their poise, confidence, and people skills in presenting.

Anyway, enjoy the pics and vids.

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