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Are you feeding your family sickly chickens? Feed them the best!

I live in Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines, and the neighboring towns are mostly farming communities that raise all sorts of crops and animals.  In regards to chicken, I heard people say that the ones who raise chicken actually don’t eat them.  I don’t know if it was said jokingly, but I have a feeling it was serious.

How come?  Well, I suspect it’s because the ones who raise chickens know first-hand of all the junk that is being fed to these poor birds.  I’ve done some research on the internet, and if what I saw there is the practice over here, then indeed, we should stop eating chickens too.

That is, stop eating chickens raised the conventional way.  What if you can enjoy delicious, very healthy chickens raised naturally…and we reap the great health benefits of such?  The brand that I offer to you, La Granja pastured chickens is just that.  Better yet, if you live in uptown Cagayan de Oro City, you can get these superior meats straight to your doorstep.  

Are you feeding your family sickly chickens?  Feed them the best!  But first let’s talk about the chickens you’ve been eating all along.

Just about all the chicken available today comes from what’s called factory farms (I’m sure you’ve seen them around: huge buildings that house scores of chickens in them).  Getting my data from 11 Facts About Animals and Factory Farms, a factory farm is a large-scale industrial operation that houses thousands of animals raised for food—including chickens.  They’re made to maximize profit with minimal space, but at what cost to your health and the health of the birds, themselves?  (again, data from the same web article above)
Sickly chickens in overcrowded “factory farms” – Wanna eat that?

  • These animals are treated with hormones and antibiotics for disease prevention and to maximize their growth.
  • Animals that are fed with huge amounts of these antibiotics and pesticides have residues of these chemicals in their bodies and they’re passed on to the people who eat them…not a good thing.
  • A typical supermarket chicken today contains more than twice the fat, and about a third less protein than 40 years ago.  
  • Confining so many animals in one place not only produces disease and great unhappiness in the animals, it also produces much more waste than the surrounding land can handle.  As a result, they’re linked to many environmental hazards.

On the other hand, La Granja chickens are raised on a pasture land where they can be, well, chickens.  The benefits of raising chickens this way are many:
Now that’s more I like it!
Pasture-raised chickens at the La Granja farm campus
  • The meat is better for you.  Because they’re raised on grass, herbs, and plants indigenous to the area, they’re higher in protein, omega-3 fatty acids and other nutrients, and are lower in fat.  Also, the chickens don’t do drugs, such as antibiotics, pesticides and hormones.  If they don’t get them, then you don’t get them.  
  • They’re tastier.  The more natural way of raising the chickens results in more natural tasting meat.  Surely, they’re so delicious that you wouldn’t want to go back to the supermarket variety chicken again.
  • Better for the environment.  The Natural farming method does no damage to the environment.  In fact, the method enhances it. 
As you can see, going natural is much better in all aspects: nutritional, environmental, and ethical…and therefore there is no more question on which deserves your money.  You and your family can enjoy this vastly superior meat for only P230/kg., price subject to the actual weight of the bird.  

Other than my teaching job at an awesome school (also located in La Granja), my simple sideline is to deliver top quality natural health products to my neighbors and friends in uptown Cagayan de Oro City.

La Granja Pastured Chickens are the latest addition to these.  If you are interested, you can PM my Facebook page or email me here.  Please indicate where you live and leave your phone number (preferably Sun Cellular) so I can contact you (I can’t deliver these chickens to your doorstep without this info, you know).  Again, I only serve Uptown Cagayan de Oro residents.

If you’re interested on learning about the other products, please first check out the infographics below, which I got from

La Granja pastured chickens surely qualify as to be on the right side of both these infographics.  So do the rest of the products I sell:

You’re likely drinking milk from the poor cows on the bottom half.
I sell milk from cows on the upper half of this pic.
Want some?  Click here.
“Best” for dairy: raw milk and butter.  I sell both these products as UPTOWN COW.  Check out my previous article about it here.

“Best” for fat: virgin coconut oil.  The VCO I have is locally produced and very fresh.  Also, it’s dry-processed, which makes it superior in taste and nutrition than most others.

“Best” for sweetener:  local wild honey.  I don’t have this regularly, but once I do, I text blast right away.  It’s way better than sugar.

“Best” for grains: coconut flour.  This is something that isn’t well known yet, but it is better even than whole grain flour.

For any of the products, again, feel free to PM me on my Facebook page or email me.  The last day to order (at least for the milk) is Thursday.  I deliver on Saturday.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

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