Monday, July 2, 2012

Awesome Osang rocks X Factor Philippines

I don’t watch too much TV, but the show that I try very hard not to miss is X Factor Philippines…and last night’s episode was a doozy.  There were so many great performances, but the best one of the night was definitely Jeffrey “Osang” Soliven.  Whoa, that ridiculously talented gay man had all of us fooled…and he tore down the house!  Check out the video of Osang’s X Factor Philippines (update: a better video quality, yay!!).  Martin Nievera’s shocked look is gold!!

Honestly, when he came out (unintended pun, I assure you!) I was expecting some Diana Ross or Donna Summer number.  You know, the stereotypical drag fare.  Then BAM, Osang belted out a rockin’ heavy metal screamer…and all our jaws hit the floor.  After the judges heaped praised, the crowed clamored for another song, the Shaggy classic you saw in the video (and I love Bombastic).

Seriously, the two songs from the dude who looks like a lady (that’s an intended Aerosmith pun) had more testosterone and more swag than all the other male performances put together.  It’s nuts!

If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you’d probably know my views and you’d deduce my stand when it comes to the gay issues and all that.  But, that still won’t make me stop praising talent when I see it, and I definitely saw it in Jeffrey “Osang” Soliven.  He’s definitely one of my favorites, if not THE favorite, among the many great performers I’ve seen in X Factor Philippines so far. 

Were you as fooled, and as blown away as I was?

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