Tuesday, February 11, 2014

God’s design for marriage

February is always a very tough month to post blog posts, because it’s the 2nd to the last month of the school year here in the Philippines, and that means we’re approaching the finish line…and we’re approaching faaaaaast!  That said, Valentine’s Day is fast approaching as well, and there seems to be this huge force compelling me to submit a love or marriage blog post.

Okay, okay, so I will.  I don’t have time to post original content, but I’ll do one better: I’m gonna post a quick video from one of my favorite speakers on parenting and marriage, Dr. Peter Tanchi.  Here’s a clip of his latest message on the design of marriage:

If I’m not mistaken, this was his most recent Sunday message on the series For Best Results: Follow God’s Design.  Dr. Tanchi is the senior pastor of the church I go to, Christ’s Commission Fellowship (I go to CCF-Cagayan de Oro, the vid was taken in our main church in Manila)

You can view the whole message here.

I don’t know where you are in this area, and maybe you’re in a place in your marriage that is dark and hopeless.  Folks, there is hope…and this hope is not in anyone else but in Christ.  Here’s a nice video clip for a marriage restored to show you what I mean.

Marriages are blessed if we totally and wholeheartedly follow God’s design, and key to this is putting Christ at the center of it.

Have a blessed Valentine’s Day, everyone.  If you haven’t yet gotten anything for your spouse or special someone, you can click on two links directly below for great Valentine’s Day deals from Amazon.com:

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