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Looking for a great school for your child? Here’s reasons why you should try Montessori

There are lots of schools out there: big schools, small schools, affordable schools, expensive schools.  There are lots of different teaching programs, too, and they’re mostly good in their own way.

However, please see the video below in its entirety.  It excellently explains what I think is the finest educational method out there when it comes to developing the whole child.  Please watch the video before scrolling below.

Then, if you live in the major cities of the Philippines (Manila, Cebu, Davao, CDO), allow me to tell you about a school that faithfully adheres to this method…as a lot of the schools that do carry the name of the method actually do not follow it.  Enjoy the video.

Now, the problem is that there’s no patent to the name “Montessori,” and so any school can put “Montessori” on its name and people will think that it is a Montessori school, when it is actually very far from one in practice.  

The video talked about two things that real Montessori schools do to enhance learning.  Here’s a few more, which can also help you tell the genuine Montessori schools from the fakes (the two reasons told in the video being 1. and 2. respectively):

3.  No uniforms.  A uniform can be subconsciously thought of like an apron.  When a cook wears an apron, he knows it’s cooking time.  When he takes it off, he knows that cooking time’s done.  A student can make the same subconscious connection between his uniform and learning, and that’s not a good thing.  Learning never stops…and to make sure that students don’t make that mistake, real Montessori schools do not have their students wear uniforms.

4.  No grades.  As the video said, Montessori schools do not have grades in the first two levels (Casa and Elementary; the Adolescent Program, also called Erdkinder or “Children of the Soil” has grades).  You’ll be surprised how doing this makes excellent students.  Why?  The kids are motivated primarily from the inside, not from carrot-and-stick devices like good grades or awards or ribbons.  The results are kids who are very self-motivated, who have strong resistance against cheating (they’re after mastery, not the grade), and who pursue excellence sometimes far beyond “A” material.

Hate geography?  Not with puzzle maps!
5.  Use of materials.  You’ll know a Montessori school is the real deal if its curriculum revolves around the use of materials (some with the Montessori names may have the materials, but they don’t use them much).  Materials are the Montessori bread and butter, and it’s amazing to see how these colorful things teach you about math, science, English, and so on.  I have highlighted some of these materials in the following blog entries:

•    Casa (preschool)
•    Elementary

A pre-school child using materials to help him skip-count.
It’s not just memorization; the materials make it more real.

You can also check out the Adolescent Program, here.  It is a very, very different curriculum from your traditional high school.

2015 Update:  since I am in charge of making the videos for the high school.  Here is one video, from the recently concluded school year, that tells the story of what we do in the high school:

So do you want to know of a genuine Montessori school near you?  A school that can keep your child’s eyes from dimming, and instead increase his joy for learning?

In Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines there is but one, as far as I know: The Abba’s Orchard.  The school also has other campuses in Manila, Cebu, & Davao.  To get the addresses of the campuses, click here.

If you want your child to love learning, then give The Abba’s Orchard a try.  I did, and I’m very satisfied by the way my kids are turning out.

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  1. Thanks to this daddy Carlo. Because of this post I have fully understand my son's school… Why Justine doesn't have report cards and why his class has a mix age. He is now in Senior Casa in Holy Trinity Montessori School. And yes some other parents are also wondering why the school don't have a report cards. Even though HTMS has impose a school uniform but most standards of are practice in school.
    I remember one mom who transferred her child to other private school last June 2013 but then regretted in doing so after 2 months. She said her child lose the excitement in going to school because she said she already finished learning it at HTMS. And she cant transfer back to HTMS because the child will already left behind with the lessons already.

    P.S read this post last year but just posted my comment now. ^_^


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