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My family, children included, are CRAZY over this super-nutritious food

For about a year now, I have been doing a small sideline business of bringing top quality milk (including raw milk, which some people, such as myself, consider the healthiest form of milk) to my customers who live in uptown Cagayan de Oro (see my article here).  Well, as great as it is, I will now introduce a product that turns milk into an ultra-nutritious superfood that is among the healthiest foods you can give to your family:  kefir.

I introduced kefir to my family years ago but they found it quite unappetizing.  Recently, I gave it another go and the taste improved so much that my family now LOVES it, to the point that it has now replaced milk in our household!  

So what is kefir?  What’s all the fuss about it being so good for you?  Allow me to officially start this blog entry by answering the first question.  Kefir is milk that has been fermented by kefir grains.  This gives it a yogurt-like taste and a truck-load of additional nutritional benefits (which I will explain later).

For those of you who are screaming out, “Yogurt?  Ew!” rest assured that you can enjoy this drink in the many flavors it comes in:   strawberry, buko pandan, vanilla, mango (our favorite), and, of course, plain.

What’s all the fuss about kefir being so good for you?  Okay, I’m about to drop some knowledge, and it’s gonna be a bit lengthy, so hold on tight.

Kefir is one of the greatest sources of enzymes, nutrients, and beneficial microorganisms on the planet, and it does our body great good in three ways:

1.  Detoxifies

  • Kefir’s enzymes bind to toxins and break down undigested food; and its beneficial microorganisms will drive out the harmful ones, as well as the parasites, from your gut.  Kefir also detoxifies the liver and fights against hormonal imbalance.
  • Detox Tip:  If kefir is taken on an empty stomach it will excellently clean up your blood and digestive organs.

2.  Nourishes

  • The brand of kefir that I offer is a 100% raw food (the base is raw milk from grass-fed cows) and therefore it is loaded with nutrients beneficial to our health.  These nutrients are already predigested, making them 100% bioavailable to our bodies.  Kefir’s root word translates to, “feel good”…which is exactly what happens when you take this marvelous product.
  • Kefir has at least 9 grams of predigested protein per 250 ml.  It is also high in essential fats, minerals, and vitamins.  To be more specific, it has high amounts of calcium, magnesium, phosphorous, vitamins B12 and K2, biotin, and folates.  Vitamin K2 in particular, a very important nutrient in the absorption of calcium, is sorely lacking in today’s modern diet.  Because it is usually a product of bacterial fermentation, Vitamin K2 is likely abundant in kefir.
  • You will feel full longer and be more energetic, which makes this drink ideal for meal replacement.  Being low in calories, it is also excellent for losing weight.
  • Digestion Tip:  If kefir is taken right after a heavy meal, it’s beneficial bacteria and enzymes help break down the hard-to-digest food.

3.  Assists assimilation

  • What’s the good of all that nutritious food you eat if your body can’t absorb nutrients properly?  Nutrients need enzymes to deliver them to our cells; and kefir, as stated earlier, is a great source of these enzymes.  
  • If you assimilate nutrients better, you will obviously have a stronger immune system and overall better health.  Everything in your body runs better, including metabolism, healing, and recovery from exercise.  
  • A body that assimilates nutrients well also is less likely to have food cravings or hunger pangs.
  • Assimilation Tip:  If Kefir is taken before bedtime, you will have a better, more rested sleep.

But wait, there’s more!  In every bottle of the kefir that you purchase from me, you will see lots of little brown seed-like things floating around.  Those are cultured flax seeds, and they are another part of what makes this product so great.  They’re the plant world’s best source of Omega-3 fatty acids, and we all know that this nutrient is vital to our health and is also sorely lacking in today’s diet.

So, please do get your daily dose of kefir any way you can!  Nutritionally, the most optimal product is the plain flavored, but since kefir is quite an acquired taste, you can go for the additional flavors I mentioned above (mango being our favorite).  I sell kefir at P150 per liter, and I even deliver it to your doorstep.  Of course, this only works if you live in uptown Cagayan de Oro.  If that’s where you live and you want to avail of this awesome product, then email me here.

For those who live in the other areas of the Philippines, go to my source’s Facebook page for more information about where their product is distributed.

So what are you waiting for?  Get your delicious and nutritious kefir!  Optimal health for your family is just an email away.

Kefir Life flyer

PS:  In case you’re interested, other than kefir and raw milk, I also sell free-range pastured chickens.  Check out more info of these superior chickens here.  I also sell raw honey, virgin coconut oil (and coconut flour), various vitamins, butter (from the same source as the milk, so that means from grass-fed cows), turmeric powder, and others.  As you can see below, these are the foods you should feed your family replacing the chemical-laden junk you get from supermarkets.

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  1. Hi. I've attempted to shoot you an email regarding kefir, but a notification says, "There is no email program associated to perform the requested action." Is there any other way, like a mobile number or Facebook account, I can get in touch with you? I would have wanted to try kefir and have it home delivered (I live uptown).


    Francis Roa


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