Tuesday, April 15, 2014

My middle child, Mesoo’s graduation

A big congrats to my middle child, Monica Andrea (nicknamed Mesoo) for graduating from Elementary school.  Now, I have two children as my students!  How awesome (and awkward) is that?

(She also garnered one of the top scores in the entrance exam to boot!  Awesome job, buddy!)

I’ll just show a few pics of the festivities, as well as the video of her speech (in the school where she goes to, every graduating child makes a speech).  In case you’re wondering, my child goes to a Montessori school called The Abba’s Orchard.

 I feature this fantastic school quite often in my blog.  If you are searching for a school for your children, and you live either in Manila, Davao, Cebu, or CDO, then check out my blog entries about the school for more information (and their website, too).

My apologies if I haven’t been blogging lately.  I seem to be entering a new season in life and I will become much, much busier.  I do update my facebook page more often than I do my blog, though, so for the latest updates, you can check that out by clicking here.  I do have lots of ideas left to give…it’s the time that’s lacking.

Here’s Mesoo’s grad speech, and once again, congrats, my not-so-little buddy.  Welcome to the 7th grade.

Again, I say this: if you are living in the Philippines and are school hunting for the upcoming school year, why don’t you give The Abba’s Orchard a try.  I truly, truly believe that a genuine Montessori school that abides closely to Montessori principles (sadly, many don’t, even if they use the name) would be the best school for your children.  Here’s a short video why that is:

I can relate to the video.  There was a time when I really struggled financially and I had no choice but to send Mesoo and her sister to a (well-respected) traditional school nearby.  Even if she garnered first honors in her stay there, I also saw the light in her eyes dimming…just as the video said  When I first heard that part of the video, my thought went immediately to her.

For more proof, here’s an article citing how Montessori students are better educated.

Truly, give The Abba’s Orchard a try.  They’re having introductory summer camps over the summer, and you can still sign up for Batch 2.  Sign up and see what I’ve been talking about.

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