Monday, April 29, 2013

Natural sugarcane juice – truly a sweet alternative to unhealthy drinks

One of the most frustrating things that parents have to deal with when it comes to nutrition is that even though we can be vigilant in providing high-quality, nutritious food at home, when our kids are away, the outside world has very few wholesome choices to choose from.

Be it malls, fast-food joints, and school canteens (this is the most frustrating one, because we leave our kids in this place 5 days a week with a whole lotta trust), we really can’t avoid junk food, fatty food, a huge lack of green stuff, and sugary drinks.

So what are you gonna do, homeschool your kids and keep them in the house 24/7 under lock and key?  (No offense to homeschoolers.  I think home schooling is great.)

Well, when it comes to unhealthy, artificially-flavored sugary drinks, a friend and neighbor of mine proposes a solution that I think schools, school canteen owners, and small entrepreneurs should take note of: Natural sugarcane juice – truly a sweet alternative to unhealthy drinks.

He (my neighbor) invited us to try some of the stuff out (we sometimes call it tubo juice, tubo being the Filipino word for sugar cane), and my kiddos and I love the stuff immensely!  I must’ve imbibed a gallon worth—without fear of health consequences, which I will explain later.

Check out the video below, which I took when my kids tried out the tubo juice. (There are different varieties of the machines.  This is one of the bigger ones, but there’s a tabletop version too.)

Now, if you want one of these bad boys so that you can set up some health-promoting drinks in your establishment for a change (school canteen owners, please consider this), then contact me by email at

I shall now use the rest of the blog entry to discuss to you some of the great health benefits of sugarcane juice (info from the flyer).  Even though unhealthy table sugar comes from the same thing, you’ll be very surprised that this (far less processed) product has wellness written all over it!

Contains less sugar than other popular drinks
Though naturally sweet, sugarcane juice contains only about 12% sugar per serving (all in raw unprocessed form).

Safe for diabetics
Sugarcane juice is a low glycemic drink that can be enjoyed in moderation by type 2 diabetics without fear.

Promotes weight loss
Sugarcane juice stabilizes blood glucose levels which help promote weight loss in overweight people by making them feel full for longer periods while delivering only 38 calories per 100ml.

Fights cancer
Studies have shown sugarcane juice makes the body more alkaline, which fights cancer, especially prostate and breast cancers.

A vitamin superhero
One serving of sugarcane juice is packed with rich doses of calcium, chromium, cobalt, copper, magnesium, manganese, phosphorous, potassium, and zinc.  It also contains vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B5 B6, C plus a high concentration of phytonutrients, antioxidants, proteins, and soluble fiber.

Gives sustained energy
A glass of sugarcane juice is rich is complex carbohydrates which gives you sustained energy; helping you work harder, play sports, and concentrate on studies.

Reduces cholesterol
Drinking sugarcane juice reduces the level of bad cholesterol, both LDL and triglycerides, promoting healthy heart function and circulation, which has a positive impact on endurance and sexual health.

Sugarcane juice is healthful for kidney function; promoting clear urine flow and makes the urinary tract resistant to UTI.

Improves digestion
Juice extracted from sugarcane is also good for digestion, as it can work as a mild laxative because if its high potassium content.

Protects teeth against cavities
The raw enzymes in sugarcane juice actually help prevent tooth decay.

All these wonderful health benefits come in a natural juice that tastes really good!  Kids, if they’re like my kids, really, really love it and when we tried it out at my neighbor’s house, drank cup after cup of the stuff.

If you’re a school canteen owner or an entrepreneur, my friend says that your return of investment (ROI) could be anywhere from only 2 months to a year.  He’s very busy working on putting up one of these machines in SM (we live in Cagayan de Oro) so that we Cagayanons can enjoy the healthful benefits of this great product firsthand.

So, again, if you’d like to find out more about this juice or how you can invest in the machines, just email me at  I’m a bona fide sugarcane juice convert, as this is truly a sweet alternative to unhealthy drinks.  If this was offered in school canteens, I’ll make no bones about providing my kids with the means to drink lots of the stuff (besides, disposing of the residue also poses a great lesson on waste management and composting, right?).

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PS:  I strongly suggest you also juice fruits and vegetables as part of your health routine.  Invest in a good juicer and check out these juicing recipes.


  1. back in malaysia, economic's teacher told us that Philippines' is Asia's biggest sugarcane exporter. ironically, so far i cnt find any sugarcane juices, anywhere. sad…

    can you tell me where can i get them sir carlo? 😀

    1. I friend will open up his booth in SM soon. I am hoping this blog will reach others who are interested in investing in machines of their own.

      I can't stand that my kids, who usually eat healthy, are drinking Mogu-Mogu and other unhealthy drinks. At least this is great and natural stuff.

  2. With all the healthy benefits of of sugar cane, I still could never find it delectable. It's just me maybe, Though I enjoyed every hard bite from it when I was a child:)


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