Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Parents of teenagers should attend ParenTEEN

In the school I work in, the high school students do journaling, where they write down their honest, candid thoughts for the day.  I remember one student’s journal entry went something like this:

“I can’t help but feel a bit envious whenever I see Mr. Carlo (that’s me) cuddling and playfully interacting with Happy (that’s the nickname of my son, James, age 8).  My dad never did that with me.

There was another time several years ago, where I volunteered to do this very embarrassing group dancing thing with my daughter.  Even though I wanted to crawl under a rock, we had a blast together.  The next day, another boy went up to me and said that his dad would never do anything like that with him or any of his siblings.

Both instances were both flattering and sad at the same time.  Here are these two young people, teenagers, quickly growing into men yet never really feeling love from their father, a love they desperately need.  It’s one of the reasons why I blog, as I feel that we, Filipino fathers (and that includes me) have some ample room for improvement in the fathering department.

Speaking about my blog, much of what I share here is based off of the wisdom of one fantastic father, Dr. Peter Tanchi.  To say that he’s an inspiration to me in an understatement; and he’s an incredible speaker, especially when you see him live.  Well, In about a month’s time, you’ll indeed get to see him live.  Better yet, you’ll get an especially rare treat in seeing Dr. Tanchi back to back with probably the best motivational speaker in the Philippines, lauded author, TV personality, and businessman Mr. Francis J Kong.

On September 7, 2013, Cagayan de Oro moms and dads (of teenagers, specifically) will surely be incredibly blessed when Mr. Francis J. Kong and Dr. Peter Tanchi give a talk called ParenTEEN.  Learn from these two speakers as they share their experiences in excellently fathering their children through adolescence while balancing great responsibilities outside the home.

Surely this is a topic quite close to my heart, as I surely struggle with parenting well.  I often feel like I fail more than I succeed, so I would SO like to be in attendance.  I think you should come too.  For only a ridiculously cheap fee of P150.00 you get to see the two greatest parenting speakers in the Philippines guide you through the toughest period in parenting.  I am so there.

Again, you should come too.  I think DADS in particular should drop everything and attend.  If you’re a mom, and the father of your children is like the fathers my students described, then shake the heavens and the earth to get him to attend this.  Few things are as devastating as faulty fathering (as a teacher for the past 8 years, I should know).  I’ll put the details below, just so it’s simple.

Date:    September 7, 2013
Venue: The Atrium, Limketkai mall, Cagayan de Oro City
Time:    2-6pm
Fee:      P150.00

If you have teens, invite them to go to iCHANGE, which will be happening on that morning.  Our adolescents today SO need wisdom and guidance, and nobody gives these better than the two men I mentioned…and for only P80.00 too!  What a steal!

I’ll be attending both, as the whole high school community will go to iCHANGE, and then my wife and I will go to ParenTEEN.  See you there!!

Recommended reading (sorry, I have a bias towards books for dads.  All books except the first one are dad-specific):

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  1. will definitely share this to my workmates who's already a parent… and to my mom as well 😀

  2. Some people are called Mom or Dad but they can't be called as parents. I'll surely share this to my friends and relatives.

  3. As the head of the family Dad's should be the one who nurture their kids. This seminar will really help a lot of parents specially fathers who thinks that being sweet and mushy with their kids will lessen their "macho" image> Will definitely share this with friends and relatives. Thanks 😀

  4. An event worth sharing. I agree, Dad should be well-versed about his kids affairs.

  5. This is a nice way to interact with other Parents on different parenting styles.

  6. Dr. Peter Tanchi, name sounds familiar. It is nice to attend events like this, parents have a lot to learn about raising their kids.

  7. This event willl really be helpful. I don't have any complains with my dad as he was awesome during my teenage days. I remember my bf's situation on this as he never experienced that too. I believe, parents should really attend on seminars like this.

  8. 33 years ago, I came across with an article from an internal renown book, which told of a secret for a successful parenting which could solve juvenile delinquency, of course, among teenagers. And it was about the basic role of a father. It simply says that "bring back dad to his home".

  9. I think this event is very helpful not just for parents but also for teenagers. Parents shoud attend this especially to those parents whose daughter/son is not so open to them

  10. When parents and teens are getting along, family life can be wonderful.

  11. The fee is not expensive but the event will cover the important things about parenting. The fee is super sulit!

  12. I am a parent and I think this is a very important information for us. Especially that both of us are working and we cannot monitor our growing child.

  13. I like Francis Kong. I have listened to him about 4 x already and bought his books. He gives simple but very practical advice.

  14. Where can we buy tickets for the the IChange seminar for teens?

    1. CCF Cagayan de Oro, po. It's right across the street from the car entrance of Mallberry business hotel.


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