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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Show everyone that you’re The GoodFather

What better way to tell the good fathers in your life that they are just that, a good father, with The GoodFather t-shirt?

I’m a guy who wears my heart on my sleeve, in more ways than one, and so if I have a chance to show the whole world that I love being a dad, then why not do so?  That’s why I love dad-shirts, dad-mugs, and many things dad (and Christian, too).  I’d like to sell and advertise daddy merchandise one day, but I don’t have a pay-pal yet (and I’m still waiting for the ability to get it).

But the GoodFather t-shirts are really hard to resist.  I’d love to sport me one of those.  It puts some tongue-in-cheek humor to role I take very seriously.

Get yours today!

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