Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Proof that even the best of parents mess up / Parenting That Makes A Difference Re-launches

If you’ve been reading my blogs for a while, you’d know by now that I’m a huge admirer of the awesome parenting example of Peter Tan-Chi, who Cagayan de Oro residents may know as one half of the tandem (motivational speaker extraordinaire Francis Kong being the other) who filled up Limketkai’s Atrium for PARENTING WINNERS a few years ago.

One thing I really like about Peter Tan-Chi is that he’s as open about his defeats as he is with his victories.  Yes, even the best parents mess up from time to time, this dad-blogger included (and I don’t consider myself among the “best” parents).

Below is a video clip of Peter Tan-Chi humorously confessing one such mess-up…and boy, is this a huge lesson on “Children see, children do.”

Here’s another instance where he actually was very, very above-board in the same area.  Check this one out:

Anyway, if you want to see more of Peter Tan-Chi (and, more importantly, learn more from him), then you’re in luck.

We are re-launching his video study series on parenting, PARENTING THAT MAKES A DIFFERENCE, this Saturday, Feb. 5, 2012, from 4 pm to 6pm in the afternoon.  It’s open to anyone who’d like to join (of course, you’d have to have kids).  The venue is Christ’s Commission Fellowship, which is located right across the street from the Robinson’s car park entrance.

Here’s the best thing, it’s FREE OF CHARGE.  All you need is an open mind to soak up the amazing content that he gives.

I already talk a lot about PARENTING THAT MAKES A DIFFERENCE very much on my blogs.  Many of my parenting articles are based on the lessons from the series.

What a great deal, right?  For only two hours of your afternoon time, five Saturdays starting this coming Feb. 5, with no cash out whatsoever, you get to study under one of the best parenting speakers around.  That’s ridiculous.

This will go on simultaneously here and in Butuan, because Francis Kong recently spoke there, and it was so well received that people are begging for more.  They just can’t get enough, and when it comes to parenting talks in the Philippines, nobody, and I mean nobody does it better than Peter Tan Chi.

Oh, do you want to know how Peter Tan Chi’s kids turned out?  Just follow the links below:

Peter’s eldest daughter, Joy’s testimony of her parents’ influence.

Paul Tan Chi’s interview in the Ignite Conference last year.

So this blog entry as my invitation to you.  If you want to be a better parent, and you are willing to set aside two hours of your next five Saturdays to do so, then come.  Yes, even the best parents mess up, but if you study PARENTING THAT MAKES A DIFFERENCE, you’ll mess up less. Recommended Reading:

You can also check out other books I recommend for dads and you can also check out the rest of my parenting articles here.


  1. This is very interesting. I don't want to promise but I love to go and attend!!

  2. This is really a great seminar to attend to but unfortunately it's only in CDO. I do hope that they could held once in Manila.

    I'm a Dad also and I believe there's no perfect parent only better for the good of their little ones.

    1. You can check out www.ccf.org.ph which it the church's website. It's the main CCF, located in St. Francis Square right outside Megamall. Peter Tan Chi is the senior pastor of the church. For sure they'll have something up for you. Just email them. 🙂


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