Saturday, February 23, 2013

The Abba’s Orchard School presents SUN and MOON: A Miss Saigon Adaptation

Sorry I’ve been gone lately.  There’s a very good reason I’ve been very busy and unable to blog.  It is below.  Here’s an article that I sent to one of our media partners.  I’m also publishing it here (with minor modifications).

The Abba’s Orchard School Erdkinder (high school) program, in cooperation with Mahoe Mahogany, Sunbee Travel and Tours, and Homechoice Planners and Construction Corp., proudly presents its second musical play, SUN and MOON: A Miss Saigon Adaptation, this coming March 7 and 9, 2013.  Both shows will be gala performances at 7pm, with tickets selling for P250 each.

Back at the director’s helm is one of Cagayan de Oro’s most beloved directors, Ms. Anita Q. Santos, who has worked with the school in all of their plays, all garnering great success.  A true master of her craft, she successfully took a bunch of inexperienced Erdkinder students and transformed them into musical stage performers worthy of a rousing standing ovation in 2011’s I Dreamed a Dream: Highlights and Images of Les Miserables, The Abba’s Orchard’s first ever musical play.

She intends to deliver the same excellence with this latest project.

SUN and MOON: A Miss Saigon Adaptation is the Abba’s Orchard school’s humble attempt in performing many of the beloved songs of one of Broadway’s longest running musical plays.  It follows the story of Kim, an innocent Vietnamese orphan who has no choice but to become a bargirl.  On her first night on the job, she meets Chris, a U.S. Marine, and a genuine romance ensues.  However, not all is well as the Vietnam war rages on around them and a crazed man from Kim’s past comes back to haunt her.

Find out how the story of Kim and Chris unfolds.  For ticket inquiries, you can call the school at (088) 309-0487 or visit the SUN and MOON: A Miss Saigon Adaptation Facebook page.

Big thanks go out to our major sponsors: Mountain Pines Place, Bagalangit Ultimate Bivouac, Galam Music Lounge, Axis Gym, Pearl Spring Purified Drinking Water, Pearlmont Inn, Barkadahan Grill, Fargo Motors, MVP Video, and Sun Star-Cagayan de Oro.

Thanks also go out to our sponsors: Treelife Coconut Sugar, Ventura Residences, Mindanao Ace Marketing, 5N Glass Supply, Red Lemon Digital Media, Dimsum Diner, Legacy Printing Press, Students At Work, CDObloggers, May Lugtu, the Alauya family, and the Ceballos Family.

In case you’d like to know what to expect, here’s a video montage of our first ever musical play, I Dreamed a Dream: Highlights and Images of Les Miserables.  My middle child, Mesoo, played the role of little Cossette.  Mrs. Thenardier back then is now our Kim, and Fantine will be Ellen this time around  (they were sophomores then, they’re now seniors).

The Erdkinder (German for “children of the earth”) is Dr. Maria Montessori’s ideal for the adolescent program that sets the youth to explore their evolving sense of dignity and justice in a simulated micro-economy.  The micro-economy becomes a laboratory for life for the teens and by the teens, where they live and practice production and exchange, community and leadership, hard work and diligence.

First in Asia (at The Abba’s Orchard at La Granja Estates, Baungon, Bukinon), and second in the world,  this prepared environment called the farm also becomes the venue for the academic theories learned in the classrooms to see application and find relevance.  And within this academic rigor that the high school students go through, a major component of the Erdkinder Program is Self-Expression  —  from Socratic Seminars and Debates to Painting and Photography, from Dramatis Personae and Coffee Houses to major theatre productions like SUN and MOON.

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