Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The White Hat and Bettina open in CdeO’s Centrio mall

If you know me personally, you’d know that I’m quite the health nut, and one of my greatest frustrations when going out is finding a snack that would pass my standards when it comes to being both healthy and delicious.  Furthermore, I have 3 kids and a wife, all who won’t mind the bad stuff unless I give them a better alternative (and, truth be told, I have my own lapses as well).

Well, last Sunday saw the opening of a rare find, indeed: a place that I actually can recommend to those who have similar viewpoints as I do; a place where I can take my family and feel good that they’re snacking on wholesome food.

That place is Cagayan de Oro’s first branch of The White Hat, a frozen yogurt place, located on the first floor of the new Ayala Centrio mall.  

If you’re thinking, “Another frozen yogurt place, big deal!” then allow me to correct you.

That’s why it’s so good!
Most places of this type use the cheap powdered stuff, which lowers cost but makes poor quality yogurt.  The White Hat uses only real dairy.  Yup, real milk turned into real yogurt….and that makes all the difference.

All you need to do is taste it.  It is creamier, yummier, and healthier.  Real dairy, from real Philippine cows, makes for a really good yogurt experience!   Why is real yogurt so good for you?  Well, all the nutritious food and supplements you ingest mean nothing if you don’t have a healthy stomach to digest it with.  Your stomach needs beneficial bacteria, and real yogurt has lots of it.  You can also check out this article on the many health benefits of yogurt.

So, White Hat Yogurt = good, wholesome eating.  Add some fruits and nuts, and you’re set for a guilt-free, delicious snack!  I personally add three toppings to my yogurt: kiwi and strawberry, which are considered among the healthiest fruits out there; and walnuts, which are good plant-based sources of Omega-3.  My kids also like this combo, especially my middle child, Mesoo, who considers kiwi her favorite fruit.

I was privileged to have attended The White Hat’s blessing and opening at Ayala Centrio mall this past Sunday, November 25, 2012.  While I am already a long time yogurt fan, two more things about The White Hat intrigued me greatly.  They are:

  • Sourdough waffles!  Most other places use the cheap waffle mix, but not The White Hat.  They use real sourdough, baby!!  And I LOVVVVE sourdough.
  • Yogurt cake!  I must admit, I raised my eyebrows when I heard this.  Yogurt cake, really?  But, hey, I’m in!  If it’ll make it on time, I’d like to get one for my eldest daughter’s 13th birthday.
(11/30/2012 UPDATE:  I’m proud to announce that the sourdough waffles are already available!  See you there, cuz I’m so gonna be checking that out!)

Note that these two gems are not yet available as of now, but be sure to check back regularly, as they will be available for your joyful consumption real soon!

The White Hat yogurt — my friends and I sure had a good day!
Oh, by the way, if you’re a beautiful, sophisticated lady (or a dude who would like to get a gift for his beautiful, sophisticated lady), you should check out another place while you’re in Centrio.

The same afternoon The White Hat opened, I was also privileged to witness the opening of Bettina boutique.  (Wanna know something cool?  The opening day also marks 21 years of making Cagayanon women look darn good!  Amazing, no?  Two decades of style!)

The boutique held a fashion show to celebrate, showcasing attractive models wearing even more attractive clothing.  I took a few snapshots of the event as well, and here they are:

Bettina is one of my wife’s favorite places to shop, and she wasted no time doing so by claiming the black dress on the storefront’s mannequin as soon as it was available for sale.  I bet she made the store’s first purchase.  Go wifey!

So, mall-goers at Centrio have two reasons to get excited as of late: healthy snacking in The White Hat and great shopping in Bettina boutique.  Please do visit; I sure will (C’mon sourdough waffles, come to papa!).

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  1. good for you, you can keep your standards when it comes to food without having to worry about getting tempted with those unhealthy snacks. I wish i can be tough with my intake standards too.

  2. wow! i can't believe how many are the additional and new establishments na diha sa akong hometown CDO. i can't wait to step foot on ayala centrio on my next homecoming! i bet there are a lot of good foods and good shops there na, just like these ones you've featured.

  3. Those yogurts look yummy! If I go there, I'd go to White Hat first and eat some yogurts then burn the calories down by shopping at Bettina…:-)

  4. nice, i am not really a fan of yogurt, but i am willing to try at least, the flavors sounds very intriguing to me, and the bettina? that reminds me of my SIL who is actually Bettina, i'll tell her that there is a boutique in PI that is the same name as her…

  5. I just seen the latest picture of Ayala Centrio Mall this malls are way bigger compare to the next mall gaisano. cdo now are develope alot it also investing some international bussness.

  6. The White Hat, that's quite a cool name for a yogurt place. I would love to try their yogurts after seeing their yogurts here in the picture.

  7. Bettina looks wonderful, I've heard about this brand before and I believe it's a good one. By the way, the yogurt looks so good.

  8. CDO is really booming and have a lot of new establishments added for people to check out.

  9. I will surely check that out if ever I can visit the place. I am a yogurt lover and there's one with same business in Davao but with different name. Now at least there's one that is nearer to me ^^

  10. Oh it looks like some really good treats. Love the name as well. 🙂 I have never been to Davao before, but if every we make it someday I want to go check out the place. 🙂 Lovely photos!

  11. Oh I am so sorry I said Davao instead of CDO. Oh dear! Looks like one great shopping as well. Love the clothes.

  12. I am not a big fan of yogurt but the sourdough waffle and the yogurt cake could be something I wanna try out. I wonder if The White Hat have hit Abreeza mall in Davao yet.


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